Monday Motivation: The Moment We Come Alive

Happy Monday!!

How are you?

I hope everyone is well and safe on this Independence Day Holiday!

I’m doing all right. Still having ups and downs in this little moving research adventure I’m on, but I’ve survived thus far.

In the spirit of this adventure – which this weekend included a northerly trip to check out the last of my ‘possibles’ areas, and an afternoon with one of my dearest friends from grad school – some excellent traveling music is in order!


I am LOVING this song just now. Not that you can go wrong with any combination of Road Trip + RED.



Be well. 


And of course, if you like your Mondays a little more energetic, there will ALWAYS be: 😀

While we are on the topic: Congratulations to RED on the tenth anniversary of The End of Silence! Thanks for all the blessing you have been!

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