Then Standing Rock happened.

I gotta tell ya, I’ve been struggling to figure out what the path to abundance looks like in this post election reality.

Having a billionaire nutcase, who wants to destroy darn near everything I see as critical to abundance, become my elected representative to the world, and fill a Cabinet with people like him…. well it’s not been the strongest few weeks on my optimism front!

Not to say I was giving up hope; by the grace of God I just don’t have that capacity most of the time. (Been there once; hoping never to be there again!) And, I’ve definitely seen many pinpoints of good shining through the turmoil.

But let’s just say the hope muscle’s been working overtime with less than stellar results.

Then Standing Rock happened.

Now, no, I am not naïve enough to think that the recent events at Standing Rock change everything. We’re still in a time of great risk.

But they give me a much needed shot of hope.

To have the protestors at Standing Rock go from being dangerously abused in the middle of winter for a peaceful demonstration, to being victorious is a remarkable answer to prayer in itself.

But for me, the pipeline victory, which I realise that Donald Trump’s administration can, and almost certainly will, wipe away as soon as he takes office, is not what renews my hope for my nation.

My hope has grown from the changes these past couple weeks of Standing Rock are working in the people participating in and watching it.

That, effectively, an honour guard of American veterans would kneel before Native American leaders at the Standing Rock protest, repent, to ask for forgiveness for our government’s historical treatment of native people is astounding.

The kind of reconciliation and repentance that symbolizes can’t help but to change the individual hearts of these veterans and the people with whom they served in the Standing Rock effort.

Those involved in the Standing Rock victory can’t possibly go into the rest of their lives seeing each other only as other, as the enemy.

And many of us watching from a distance are changed too.

And our transformed hearts will create people whose lives transform many others with whom we interact.

I’ve also noticed that this action has forced people not only to view the Water Protectors as victors, or those veterans who went to support them as heroes, but to view prayer, and reconciliation, as valuable.

Now obviously a lot of us already saw these as enormous values!

But since the Standing Rock Victory, that has grown. I’ve seen calls for further prayer in one of the most liberal magazines I ever read, and in posts I never would have expected to ponder prayer at all.

Prayer, repentance, reconciliation, these concepts are bigger, more alive, more REAL for people in the United States than they were three weeks ago.

And if you happen to believe in their power, as I do, that is HUGE.

We’re going to go through a lot of damage if, as seems probable, this Trump presidency goes through.

But the interaction of prayer, victory, repentance, and forgiveness played out between two very different sets of warriors transformed into one group of warriors at Standing Rock …

Now THAT gives me hope for us all! 



Be well. 

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