GO VOTE! Vote like the future is in YOUR hands!


Happy Monday!!!

If you are in the United States, tomorrow is ELECTION DAY!!

Even if you’ve found this election year to be one of unremitting distress, there is STILL cause for celebration:

  • In a few days it will be OVER! No more horror-flick suspense, or endless candidate news.
  • No matter how bad it is, we will get through it. Really.
  • We have learned the error of our ways and we now have the opportunity to ensure we never face this awful an election again!

So PLEASE, use the precious right that you hold as an American Citizen, and VOTE!!


Vote the party line, vote third party, write someone in, but VOTE!!

Many people sacrificed, even died, to win this right for us, and many around the world still lack this right, don’t miss this opportunity!

Heck, even if you don’t want to vote for one of the offices, no worries: you can STILL vote for the rest!!

Be well. 

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