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The concept behind Some Grace With That is pretty simple, even if some of the topics turn out to be complicated.

I want to find a path to a more holistic and authentic life than the modern day rat race supports. And, being a Christian, I need an authentic Christianity to be a part of that.

I can’t help noticing the distance between how modern Christianity is played out (at least in my country) and the Biblical mandates for how Christians are to live. I mean, we have come to a place where otherwise intelligent, caring, sensible Christians are terrified of voting for the people who best represent our own needs and situations, fight policies that echo everything Jesus taught, and where as a group we are best known for what and who we hate – am I the only one  who finds this rather curious? 

So, I want to see if I can’t crowd source a little bit more authentic Christianity and  support a little bit more wholeness in life.

I just don’t buy it that being a Christian and still actually caring about the world God created, and the things he most prioritises in nearly every word of his written revelation, should be a radical act.

Nor do I think that living a life of freedom, hope, faith and love should be a that radical an act – though if it is, then I think we need more radicals!

Why crowd sourcing?  

I sure don’t have all the answers.

And no one I know seems to have them all either. (At least no one whose opinion I trust.) But together we seem to come up with a decent start.

So, I figure multiplying that across an even broader group of folks can only increase our collective wealth in answers.

Why authentic Christianity? 

Well, foremost, as a Christian, I have this sneaking suspicion that living as Christ asks me to live is probably important. And, being TRUTH and all, he strikes me as pretty serious about authenticity.

Also, I see a lot of people who aren’t Christians trying to get over wounds they’ve received at the hands of  Christianity. (I very much doubt this is cool with Jesus.) Simultaneously I see a lot of people who are Christians wringing their hands, wondering why on earth  more people don’t want to be Christians.

I think both problems have the same solution.

The new testament church wasn’t very PC, didn’t have much entertainment value, and certainly wasn’t very professional or well administered, but those guys didn’t have any trouble filling pews.

Even when attendees could easily find themselves on the business end of a hungry lion, before a crowd of cheering Romans.

And even though the early church didn’t fit well with the predominant culture, and didn’t pull punches; even though they called sin sin, and called each other out on it, they were a people of healing, of redemption, of hope.

They didn’t conform, or water down the facts to attract more converts, but they did accept one another with flaws, bear one another’s burdens and provide a safe place to confess sins and weaknesses and expect support and help.

I don’t think that was meant to be a short term characteristic. I think authenticity requires us to be humble, and to be safe people for the hurting, the confused, the fallen to come to and expect love, help, support, GRACE. And I think that is God’s intention for us.

Why a more whole and authentic life? 

Really? If you happen to be that rare person with such a whole and authentic life that this is actually a question, please join the discussion! You’re the person I’m looking to learn from!

Why a blog? 

Mostly because I have neither the energy nor the personality to deal with a big discussion group, but I think I may just be able to handle a blog.

Also, since I am not well known for any of the traits I’m seeking to build into this discussion:  patience, calm, grace, openness, gentleness… meekness… self control … I thought I’d have a much better chance of being at least less offensive and closer to Christ-like in a setting that forces a little lag time and permits a bit of thought time within the conversation. We’ll see how it goes.

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