Monday Musing: What if it’s not as hard as we make it?


Do you secretly think the life you really want to live is too much to ask for?

I’ve kind of always thought that way.

I have no idea why.

It’s not like God has certain contractual obligations to me: ANYTHING I ask for is a gift, no matter how small or large!

Recently I found myself wondering… 

What if my gifts, passions, and deep needs and preferences are meant to lead me into God’s intentions for me?

Okay, sure, all of these can be corrupted by my selfish human nature. But maybe I shouldn’t just assume that they are!

If I’m obeying God, and seeking his will, perhaps my first thought should be that he’s given me these as markers to light the way.

I know that he wants me to use the gifts he’s given me. So, why don’t I also assume he wants to meet the needs that he has given me? 

Or that he  might just have designed my passions and interests to haul my lazy self to his goals for me?!

In my pursuit of abundance therefore, I’ve added a new criterion:

If a need or preference is sustained, consistent, and not inherently opposed to God, I will faithfully, prayerfully consider whether it is part of God’s direction to me.

I’m kind of excited to see the results! 

Be well. 

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