What is an abundant life?


What is an abundant life?

(That’s a question.)

I do have my own answer, or at least part of my answer, but I will share that another time because this day is for hearing from others what an abundant life looks for them.

For some people, an abundant life is a big home in the suburbs with granite counter tops and two SUVs in the driveway. For someone else, a tiny apartment is just fine, because their abundance is the ability to travel the world. For others it may be the ability for one or both parents to stay home with the kids.

Some of us find abundance in sunny beaches stretching for miles along the blue of the ocean. For others, me included, make that a nice shady forest trail, thank you.

It’s helpful to take a moment every now and then to fully recall what an abundant life looks like. How else can you tell if you’re living it?

Whether yours is a champagne brunch abundance, a lemonade on the porch swing abundance, or a tea with scones before the fire abundance, take a few moments to dwell on it. Even if you don’t want to comment, just capture it for yourself.

Although I’m not yet to the fullness of an abundant life for ME, I appreciate the chance for course correction offered by periodically taking time to savour what it is I’m seeking.

So, this informal survey is just that: whether you want to share or not, consider taking 5 minutes to remember (or maybe realise for the first time) :

1)   What does ‘an abundant life’ mean to you?

2)   Are you living it?

3)   If so, what brought you to it?

4)   If not, what is the next thing that will inch you closer to it?

Be well.

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