Who I am


Oh MY. These little ‘about me’ blurbs have always been so cute and cool and fun… right up until it came time to write one about me.


Let’s agree to look on this as a work in progress, shall we? (Which,  since I am a work in progress, may be okay…)

For now, if you happen to be someone who wandered onto this blog without knowing me first, let me introduce myself:

  • First, if you are wondering: I CAN actually spell in ‘American’. But I worked for ages at an international company that uses international English, so I find it simpler (okay, and prettier) to stick with that. I draw the line at ‘tyre’ though.
  • I am a textbook introvert, and an unapologetic one at that.
  • Good books, good conversation, bread, tea, and cream are my essentials of life.
  • Reading is by far my favourite thing to do; writing, conversation, and everything else dealing in good words, well used, are at the top of my list of perfect ways to spend a life.
  • Hiking and walking are next on my list of favourites.
  • I’m a diehard fan of the editorial ‘he’ and the Oxford comma. (And while I reluctantly accept the need to compromise the editorial ‘he’, the Oxford comma is a whole ‘nother story.)
  • I LOVE rain, clouds, storms, fog. LOVE. (To a degree that has caused at least occasional speculation. But, since I am a vegetarian, and love garlic, and since my skin does not actually burst into flame when exposed to sunlight, the general consensus is that I am not, in fact, a vampire.)
  • I am NOT a morning person! Unfortunately, I’m not a night person either. And there just isn’t a cool-kids-clique for ‘kind of midmorning-into-the-late-evening’ people.
  • I have absolutely no aptitude for any sort of team sport. Just none. Ballet, weight lifting, and hand-to-hand combat are the only sports I’ve ever enjoyed, and lazy hiking far outranks those.
  • I once bought an 84 year old house; promptly demonstrating that I also have precious little aptitude for DIY.
  • But I am a decent analyst, a good thinker, and I can write pretty well.

I want to be clear that I’m not starting this conversation because I’m a naturally nice, pleasant,  person from whom grace flows endlessly, and therefore clearly well designed to lead this charge.

Not so much.

My natural inclinations tend toward irritable and crabby, difficult and judgemental. (Hence the strong interest in grace.)

Nor have I got the secret to living a full and vibrant life nailed down.

My special qualification here, if any, is that I’m the girl who talks about all those things you don’t mention in polite society and asks the questions that make decent people cringe.

And I certainly have a strong passion for living a more meaningful and free life than the one I see at the end of the rat race!

Also, though I’m not a naturally nice person, I do believe that if I’m going to claim to follow Jesus I have some responsibilities. The themes of this blog require, and hopefully support, fulfilling those responsibilities, so my hope is that hosting it will impose some much needed discipline and shove me a bit closer to some of my pet goals.

If they assist someone else along the line, or open an interesting conversation or two, all the better.