A Retrenchment Observed – You don’t have to know it all!

Okay, is this just me?

Somehow, I was born with the perspective that I am 100% responsible, in every way, for knowing EVERYTHING on earth. Any knowledge I wasn’t born with, I have to spontaneously generate, or I am hopelessly lost.

Is anyone else weird like that? Since my family is both supportive, and big on education, I have no idea where that came from.

But there is an astonishing amount of information you aren’t born knowing that becomes necessary over the course of a life! Imagine the pressure!

Perhaps the most important lesson I’m learning through this whole retrenchment chaos is how much HELP there is out there in the world.

And the resources I’m finding have been available all along, I just never imagined them, so I never thought to look for them.

One of my long-held dreams has been to transition into a full-time freelance or consulting career.

My work over the last decade has focused more and more on editing and writing, and the whole project management process of getting documents created to help people do their work better.

And I have fallen in love with it.

So way back in the darkest corners of my mind I started saying “What if I could do this as MY WHOLE JOB?!?!”

And I love working with a variety of people and teams, doing different types of documents, which sparked thoughts like “What if I had my OWN BUSINESS doing this stuff?!?!”

I even made a five-year plan for transitioning to a business like that.

A casual plan, since I had no idea if it was even possible – but then part of a five-year plan involves figuring that stuff out.

Unfortunately, I got laid off about 11 months into that 5 year plan – which was all kinds of not far enough.

But you know what?

There is a whole non-profit service corps where retired business executives volunteer their time to help folks like me figure out how to run businesses!

Who knew?

And there is a great government  resource on starting and running small businesses too. They even have free web classes! Now yeah, that is one of many important services that could go away as our new administration cuts ‘frivoulous’ government programs, but hey, it exists NOW.

And just this week a friend sent me a notice from my local Better Business Bureau about a workshop BBB is offering on the legal issues small businesses need to understand.

This is all free, and it’s RIGHT THERE!

And it’s been there. I just didn’t know it.


Now, does this mean I’ll definitely be able to start from where I am and create and run a successful business? NO. 

There was a lot more to my 5 year plan than information, and things like the future of rent and running water remain critical, but unaccounted for. My current government is not a supportive environment for venturing out. And I am only a few months into what really did need to be a five-year process.

But it DOES mean that when I make a final decision, I’ll feel confident about it.

Whether I decide   I can’t start this business now, but I know what I need to do to get there… 


Yeah, it’s going to be tough, but I can make this work…

or even

No, the small business thing isn’t for me after all.

I’ll be SURE.

And that means SO MUCH.

So I want to encourage anyone who needs more information, or even help, than they have, that it’s out there.

It is AMAZING the resources we have available, if we just know to look.

Google, a reference librarian, a friend of a friend – take some time to look around, and ask around, because the resource is there.


Be well. 

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